Southern comfort 70 proof is the flavor of whiskey made comfortable: sweet smooth and delicious unlike any other. 35% abv. Southern comfort was created in 1874 by a bartender who believed whiskey should be enjoyed not endured. He took harsh whiskeys of the times and mixed them with his own blend of fruits and spices creating a uniquely smooth and delicious drink unlike any other. A solid tradition since 1874: on july 4th 1850 two people in ireland had a baby. They named that baby martin wilkes heron. Not long after they packed up and left for america. A bit later m. W. Began working as a bartender in a bar in new orleans. Dissatisfied with the harsh taste of whiskeys at the time heron’s customers begged for something a little smoother. Seizing his opportunity heron gathered a few of his favorite fruits and spices and mixed them with whiskey. He named his concoction “cuffs & buttons.” turns out cuffs & buttons was hard to say so he renamed it southern comfort.