Olmeca Gold Tequila is blended by Jesús Hernandez, Master Distiller, with a unique mix of young and aged tequilas delivering an harmonic balance of fresh tequila and wooden notes coming from aging in white American oak barrels. Enjoy neat or in your favorite shots.

Olmeca was created in 1967 and is now made at Destileria Colonial de Jalisco, México, under the care of Jesús Hernández, Maestro Tequilero (Master Distiller) where he uses different artisan methods for the elaboration of tequila.   The Weber Blue agave is grown in Los Altos (the highlands) region, 2,100m above sea level; known for its rich red soil that gives Olmeca its unique naturally sweet profile. Olmeca Tequila has won different gold and silver medals at competitions such as The Tequila Masters, San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the International Wine & Spirits Competition.   Consumption Tips: OLMECA BANG BANG BANG.  Add 1 part of Olmeca Tequila Blanco plus 1 part of any of this soft drinks: tonic water, ginger ale or lime soda. Ritual: Cover up the short glass, snap the table 3 times while you cry out load OL – ME – CA. Drink it.