A first class Louis Roederer: Cristal Rosé 2008

The 2008 vintage is the result of a dry but fresh summer. This champagne is concentrated on the palate and characterised by the temperatures of a cool summer. This champagne is powerful, intense and full-bodied.

When pressing this Louis Roederer Cristal Rosé, the renowned house once again used a process that is unique in Champagne. By using the so-called infusion it is possible to highlight the juicy nuances of the Pinot Noir.

The Cristal Rosé shimmers glossy and pink. With ist salmon reflections and fine perlage, it gives a creamy impression. The bouquet is subtle and shines with floral and fruity nuances. Typical for the old vineyards with Pinots Noirs in Ay one senses hints of currants and wild strawberries. The following juicy opening underlines the perfect maturity of the tannins in powdery and firm expression. Hazelnut and candied citrus fruits result in a chalky finish.

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