Luc Belaire Rosé, a fine French sparkling wine

Luc Belaire Rosé is a sparkling wine that is produced in Southern France, in the region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, a place that is famous for its fantastic rosé wines. The Luc Belaire House was founded in 1898 and has remained a family-run business throughout its 200-year history. The Distiller’s extensive expertise mean that each bottle of Luc Belaire you buy is of the greatest quality.

Luc Belaire Rosé has notes of berries and cherry blossoms

Luc Belaire Rosé is made is made from a blend of three grape varieties Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah. Each variety contributes its very own character to the Rosé. Grenache gives the wine its body and notes of blackberries and black currants, Cinsault adds a special taste of cherry blossoms to the sparkling wine and Syrah is responsible for the complexity and the colour of Luc Belaire Rosé.

Luc Belaire Rosé is a favourite among rappers and hip-hop stars

Rapper Rick Ross is a big fan of Luc Belaire Rosé and loves to party with the drink. He shows his love for the Rosé at every possible occasion and has been endorsing the brand their campaigns and videos since 2013. He joins a long list of other rap and hip-hop stars who love to celebrate with a bottle of Luc Belaire. DJ Khaled and Steve Aoki have attended many of the brand’s launches and remain dedicated to the fine taste of this French sparkling wine. Get a bottle from Urban Drinks today and try it for yourself.