What kind of cows make your liquor? This is an important question for the makers of Bailey’s Irish Cream. Nearly 40,000 top-bred Irish dairy cows contribute cream to make the world’s most popular liqueur. It’s blended with pure Irish whiskey and a proprietary cocoa extract to make one of the best-selling alcoholic beverages on the planet.

What can you mix it with? Nothing and practically anything. All by itself, perhaps on the rocks, it makes a smooth sipper. It’s very friendly with coffee, hot cocoa and other liqueurs. Amaretto, peppermint schnapps, cinnamon liqueur or whiskey all get along nicely with Bailey’s in a hot drink.

Because of its weight and viscosity, Bailey’s performs well with layered drinks. Building a multilayer shot takes some practice and touch, but it’s an old-school skill that will wow your guests. Consider the classic B-52 coffee with Kahlua and Grand Marnier. While nice on the rocks or with coffee, the B-52 was originally intended to be a layered shot.

To craft one, you must add ingredients in the proper order. It’s Kahlua, Bailey’s then Grand Marnier. You need a tool to gently add the ingredients without stirring things up. Some use the back of a spoon or a classic twisted swizzle stick. Bailey’s is an infinitely usable bar pantry ingredient you should always have around. Don’t wait, buy Bailey’s Original Irish Cream through Drizly at a great price and have it delivered directly to your door or pick it up in store.