Grapes are one of the most popular types of berries in the world. They have been cultivated domestically for over 6,000 years and are an integral part of cultures around the world. As with most fresh fruits and vegetables, however, proper cooling and storage is crucial for preserving quality and shelf life. Let’s take a look at some general facts about grapes, conditions that affect their cooling and storage, and successful preservation methods.
Put the unwashed bag of grapes in a high humidity drawer in your fridge. Grapes preserve the best if they are kept at 32 °F (0 °C) with 90-95% humidity. They will therefore preserve best in a high humidity drawer.

  • High-quality fresh Grapes from California will have green, pliable stems and plump berries.
  • Store grape boxes immediately in refrigeration when received. The ideal condition for grapes is 30 – 32 F with 90 – 95 percent relative humidity.
  • Store grapes unwashed.
  • Rinse grapes just before serving or adding to a recipe.
  • Grapes generally have a much longer shelf life than other berries but they still need care to keep them at their best.
  • Do not store grapes near a cooling unit’s direct air path to avoid accelerated dehydration.
  • Use shatter – those grapes that fall from the stems – as soon as possible in salads, sandwiches, skewers, etc.
  • Providing good air circulation is one of the best ways to keep grapes in optimum condition.  When buying in volume, gently stack grape boxes in the cooler so that air can circulate around them rather than directly on them.
  • Like most berries, grapes tend to absorb odors. Try to avoid storing them next to green onions and leeks.
  • Never store or display grapes where they will come in direct contact with water, ice or iced products, as the moisture will decrease their shelf life.

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